Intelligence Notifications

Returns notifications for given Business.

  • business_uuidquery string

    Related Business UUID.

  • sortquery string

    Sort ascending or descending order.

  • filter[notification_type]query string

    Notification type options are; tips and promotion.

  • filter[country_codes]query string[]

    Provide a Array of Country codes that formated with ISO Alpha-2.

  • pagequery integer

    Page offset to fetch.

  • per_pagequery integer

    Number of results to return per page.


  const res = await fetch(`${BASE_URL}/api/v1/intelligence_notifications`, {
    method: 'GET',
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    body: JSON.stringify(data)});

  const data = await res.json();


  "data": [
      "id": "adc1d4b2-0be4-417d-87c7-07cb7417ffb4",
      "type": "intelligence-notifications",
      "links": {
        "self": "/intelligence-notifications/adc1d4b2-0be4-417d-87c7-07cb7417ffb4"
      "attributes": {
        "notification-type": "promotion",
        "title": "New partner",
        "subtitle": "Let's fight food waste together",
        "description": "Foodetective is partnering up with Too Good To Go to fight foodwaste globally. Let's help reducing foodwast by offering your client the possibility to order food which is about to expire at a cheaper rate.",
        "logo": {
          "url": ""
        "country-codes": [],
        "redirection-text": "Try Too Good To Go now!",
        "redirection-url": "",
        "video-url": ""
  "meta": {
    "total-count": 9,
    "total-pages": 3